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I was born and raised in District 9 (Mission , Bernal Heights , Portola and St. Mary's Park) and still live in the home on Harrison Street that has been in my family for three generations. This District is my home – it is our home.

My roots in the District go back to before I was born. My mom was born in San Francisco General Hospital . She made her first Communion at Immaculate Conception and lived in Bernal Heights on Costa Street . My aunts continue to live in Bernal and the Portola area. My doctor had his practice on San Bruno Avenue and I attended the high school dances at St. John's near St. Mary's. This entire district has played an important role throughout my life.

For the past twenty years, I have been active in community causes.  Today, I am still working with many neighborhood organizations to make things right. But for decades District 9 has been at the bottom of the city's priority list and the time has come for the cycle of neglect to end.

It's Time!

As a native of District 9, I know the neighborhoods, understand the needs, and am committed to finding solutions. With the help of the community, I plan on finding practical answers to problems that have gone unsolved for too long. With your support, I will be the voice on the Board of Supervisors that District 9 needs.

Why Run for Supervisor?

I am running because I want to serve our neighborhoods. Our interests have been overlooked, and it's time for our voices to be heard. I am not proposing a large number of new, expensive programs. To do so would be foolish. I am simply proposing to secure the funds that are due to our area and to use them as effectively as possible to solve neighborhood problems and to act on neighborhood opportunities. I will involve people from the neighborhood in the process, establishing a variety of advisory committees to help me keep focused on the key issues we face.

Some people run for this job because they want to avenge the incumbent or they want to use it as a platform for launching a bigger career or a higher profile. My only ambition is to work as hard as I can to make our neighborhoods as strong as they can be. The District has given a lot to me. I want to do what I can to give back.

My Platform

I am running on a platform that gives our community the attention and leadership it needs:

Back to the Basics
Sustaining Community
Sensible Leadership

Back to the Basics

Before we can discuss larger policy issues, we must first address the very basic issues facing our community. District 9 is very diverse and has some basic needs that need to be met.

Safe Neighborhoods

Many of us remember when we could walk down the street without fear. Neighbors would sit outside their steps and enjoy their communities. We have seen an increase in burglaries, gang activity, and drug dealing in District 9. People want to see our streets made safer. And I will work to do just that. Safety is related to every other issue in the neighborhoods – schools, youth programs, business development, parks and open space. In District 9, we have good families and youth and we need to recognize and honor positive role models. To return our streets to the people that live and work here, as Supervisor I intend to:

•  Increase funding for afterschool programs

•  Increase funding, through private-public partnerships, for youth employment opportunities

•  Develop senior strolls programs

•  Improve our pedestrian walkways with better lighting

•  Establish neighborhood recognition programs for people who are positive role models to our kids

•  Increase community policing and beat officers, working with the SFPD and the Guardian Angels

Cleaner and “Greener” streets

Like many residents in District 9, I enjoy walking down the street to shop, walk to work and be in community with others. However, on the way to various destinations, I often find trash and litter on the sidewalks. I also notice that there are not enough trees or greenery along many of the streets. We can improve our streets without draining our energy resources. Through collaboration with city agencies and community organizations, I will work with the residents of our district to:

•  Increase DPW service and improve the appearance of the major corridors of San Bruno , Cortland , Mission , 24th Street and Valencia

•  Add more energy efficient streetlights,

•  Connect the bike network throughout the City

•  Work with organizations such as Friends of the Urban Forest to identify and plant trees and plants for beautification and environmental sustainability

•  Remove graffiti and keep it off

•  Create education programs for residents

Parks & Open Space

The parks and open space in our District are no longer adequate. They have not been maintained and they do not meet our needs. It is very frustrating for our volunteer coaches to see that other neighborhoods have better parks and equipment and to see our ball fields constantly being rented out to large outside groups. Our young children and athletes deserve more than they are currently getting. Some of the things we need to do are very simple and inexpensive while other actions are more complex and require city funding. But we can make our neighborhoods more livable by:

•  Adding safe playground equipment

•  Creating community gardens

•  Making sure our fields are available for neighborhood events and neighborhood teams

•  Developing a nature center

•  Adequately maintaining the current parks and open space in our community

•  Increasing park and open space acreage in our district to meet the rising need

•  Finish any unfinished or stalled park projects

Sustaining Community

As a native of District 9, I care deeply about having a community that has the opportunities and tools to sustain and develop itself. District 9 is often one of the last places to get City resources and is typically one of the communities that needs those resources most. I intend to put a stop to the cycle of neglect and bring more educational and health resources to this district. In order to bring in the necessary financial support for this effort, I will encourage more small and local business development along our district's business corridors.

Educational Opportunities

Quality education is an important feature related the quality of life for a neighborhood. People want good schools for their children and grandchildren. Many families are sending their kids to private schools because they feel they don't have any choice but to do so. That's not right. I will keep the community involved in upgrading our schools and curriculum. To provide a quality education for all people, we must address the quality of our schools and educational opportunities. I will:

•  Follow through in getting the Mission Campus of City College campus underway

•  Work with the Superintendent and School Board to upgrade the curriculum and safety of our schools—with community involvement and voice on both issues

•  Provide staff and teachers within District 9 and throughout the City with the resources to do their jobs

•  Prioritize Pre-Kindergarten funding, to create the foundation for better learning for a child's lifetime

•  Examine English Language Development (ELD) techniques to establish and standardize best practices

•  Increase the use of our public facilities in the evenings and on the weekends as community centers and open space

Increase Access to Healthcare District 9 has a relatively higher population of families and seniors than other districts in San Francisco . We also have more undocumented workers and low-income residents than most other communities. Many in our district are without insurance or not adequately insured. I consider it crucial that, in the City's annual budget process, we prioritize programs and services related to public health and safety. When elected, I will:

•  Develop programming to educate families about access to universal healthcare in San Francisco and encouraging use of clinical over emergency services

•  Fight to keep basic clinical services at San Francisco General at their same location

•  Work with SF General and Sutter Health (St. Luke's) to maintain Emergency Healthcare services in the community

•  Advocate for continued and uninterrupted funding of important local clinics, such as the Silver Avenue , Castro-Mission, Mission Neighborhood, and Native American Health Centers

•  Work with City, State and Federal agencies to raise the reimbursement rates for community clinics

•  Build dialogue that recognizes the connections between housing and healthcare

Provide Real, Affordable Housing

I have watched as the price of a house in San Francisco has grown many times over. I have seen the devastation my community faced during the dot-com years of displacement. I understand the importance of owning a home. I believe that home ownership is one key tool in overcoming the cycle of poverty that plagues so much of my district. I also recognize the invaluable role rent control plays in keeping housing affordable for most San Franciscans. As Supervisor, I plan to:

•  Work with local housing developers to get 1,000 new units of housing, 200-250 affordable, under development in District 9 by 2008

•  Ensure fair representation on the Rent Control Board, keeping our rent control laws strong and appropriately enforced

•  Partner with SF Tenants Union and the Affordable Housing Alliance to strengthen rent control policies and open up home ownership opportunities for more people

•  Examine our tax and land use policies to identify new incentives for developers to build affordable, and workforce housing

Promote Arts & Culture

Our neighborhoods have rich cultural traditions that need to be celebrated and preserved. Things I will do to honor our past and celebrate our diversity include:

•  Preserve and increase the support for mural programs and organizations

•  Increase support for cultural programs at the Mission Cultural Center

•  Return Cinco de Mayo to 24th Street

•  Support San Bruno and Cortland Street Fairs

•  Develop other Festivals and Programs throughout our District

Sensible Leadership

Neighborhood Business Development

I believe small businesses are the heart of District 9's economy.  Small businesses not only provide texture to local neighborhoods, but they also provide jobs to local residents and tax revenues for vital City services.  Neighborhood businesses tend to hire people from the area. And the convenience and personal attention they provide to customers can't be beat.  Small and local businesses have always helped our neighborhoods and it's time that we help them.  When elected, we will do the following:

•  Work with local merchants to enable them to create and implement a business improvement plan of action that is responsive to their needs and which really works

•  Bring additional Small Business Administration monies into the District

•  Revitalize the corridors along 24th, Mission , Cortland , and San Bruno Avenue

•  Partner with Home Depot to make sure their new store on Bayshore Blvd. is developed within the community's needs and capacities

•  Use the high vacancy rate of commercial space to entice more diverse neighborhood businesses

Transportation Balance

District 9 has long endured being the last community to receive vital transit funds and to see its transportation systems renovated and upgraded. Our community has high numbers of pedestrians and bicyclists but some of the least safe streets in San Francisco . Corridors such as Mission , San Jose , Cortland , San Bruno , and Portrero are dangerous places for many of the district's residents, especially those who choose not to drive to their destination. I believe we need a Supervisor who understands these needs first-hand and who will find common sense solutions through community planning processes that have found success in other San Francisco neighborhoods, such as the Better Neighborhoods 2002 program. As Supervisor, I plan to:

•  Make MUNI and BART safer, cleaner and more frequent so that we can attract the business of other neighborhood residents and visitors to our community

•  Get more trees planted and more sidewalk bulbouts made so that our sidewalks are safe and enjoyable community spaces

•  Work with MUNI to get newer, cleaner buses running along lines such as the 9, 27, and 67

•  Partner with the City Planning Department and BART to foster more compatible uses around the 16 th Street and 24 th Street BART stations

Day Labor

A continuing issue within San Francisco is that of the Day Laborers. I know what it's like to be from an immigrant family in San Francisco , and I empathize with the situation so many of our undocumented and newly-arrived workers face. As such, I find it unacceptable that San Francisco spends $200,000 annually for a Day Labor program that provides little employment to our Day Laborers. Right now too many of our Day Laborers are left without work, without pay, and without the resources to be participating members of our society. I plan to change that by:

•  Giving Day Laborers a voice in developing their own center

•  Partnering with local business to identify areas of collaborative efforts

•  Tracking our City's success rate at getting employment for our Day Laborers and holding those in charge of this effort accountable.


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